Adventure. Grow. Connect

what we are about

We are about bringing people together to Adventure, Grow and Connect. We hold weekly meet ups for all ages such as Sweat & Sip Saturdays, Pilates & Pottery Courses and Soulful Sundays with low impact adventures in our Hideaway@ secret locations to trek, train socialise over a cuppa and explore.

We believe that it is important to be able to give yourself the freedom to enjoy being outside, and we understand that life and adulting requires our time in a multitude of areas like work, home life, study and daily to do lists. Hideaway@ is all about balance, and bringing like minded people together to do what they love, and give themselves some time by bringing adulting back to basics. It is about igniting your sense of curiosity through adventure, growing as you learn new things and connecting with like minded people and the earth.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.

— Mother Teresa

Jessica-Ann meyer

I feel that there are so many amazing places, right around the corner for us to explore and enjoy. I love the idea of connecting with like minded people, and doing things that are healthy, but also having that balance where after a big trek you can sit down and have some delicious food and a drink. I was inspired by exploring in the bush growing up;  having a lot of energy as a kid, this was the best place for me to climb trees, make bow and arrows, and be as loud as I wanted. I have later learnt how peaceful it can be to be amongst nature, and to focus on the now.

What I mean by this is, when you are climbing, or rock hopping, you're not thinking about anything except for where your next foot is going (otherwise you encounter immediate pain). When you are out in the ocean, you are not thinking about your to do list, or work, you're looking at the next set, analysing your next move, feeling the water hold you up and the sun keep you warm. When you are exploring different mediums in art, you are using your hands and connecting to a project to create something from your mind into a physical piece of work.


I love seeing women get outside and experience a supportive community, where they can enjoy the balance of exhilaration and serenity you get from Hideaway@. I feel that it's an awesome opportunity to give yourself time to connect organically with others, and enjoy what life has to offer. 

Jessica-Ann Meyer